iPad Guide | The 25+ Essentials

by Amy-Mae Elliott SOURCE Mashable

And the list keeps growing... Here are yet even more great things to make the most of your iPad tablet.

After its late April debut on shop shelves, the iPad has had a great year. It proved popular as a digital publishing platform, enjoyed sales in the millions and has hosted a ton of top, device-specific apps.

If you grabbed an iPad earlier this year, or if you got one over the holidays, then we’ve got a treat for you with a roundup of more than 25 iPad-related resources.

From ace accessories to amazing apps, see below for a ginormous list of all the iPad posts we’ve published on Mashable during 2010.

Oh, and be sure to check back in the New Year as we’ll be continuing our run of iPad news, articles, how-tos and resources throughout 2011.

iPad Basics

Here’s what to do as soon as you’ve unboxed your shiny new iPad from its shiny new Apple packaging.

» So You Got an iPad This Holiday Season: Now What?
» HOW TO: Get Started with the iPad
» 10 Must-Have Apps for the New iPad Owner
» 10 Useful Apple iPad Tips and Tricks


iPad Accessories

Sometimes accessories can make all the difference. We’ve taken a look at quite a few over the past year. Read on for our top picks.

» 10 Awesome Apple iPad Decals [PICS]
» 5 Classy Speaker Docks to Boost Your iPad’s Audio
» 10 Awesome Apple iPad Cases
» 6 Great Gloves for Touchscreen Gadget Lovers
» 5 Matching iPhone and iPad Cases
» 10 Best Apple iPad Stands


iPad Apps

Like the iPhone, the iPad is all about the apps. From books to cooks, here’s a selection we tried and tested in 2010.

» 10 iPad Apps for Twitter Power Users
» 6 Free iPad Apps for Planning Your Next Vacation
» 6 Best iPad Apps for Business Users
» 5 Classic Children’s Tales Reinvented for the iPad
» The Digital Newspaper: Hands-On with 4 Top iPad Apps
» 3 New Recipe Apps for the iPad [PICS]
» 3 iPad Apps that Reinvent News Reading
» 10 Great Sites for Watching Video on Your iPad


iPad Games

The iPad’s large screen makes it an engaging gaming platform. These are some of the games we played this year.

» 10 iPad Games Worth Paying For
» 3 Innovative iPad Games That Use the iPhone as a Controller
» 5 Extremely Addicting iPad Games
» 5 iPhone Games You Should Supersize on Your iPad


iPad Fun

Over the last year we’ve taken some time out to look at the lighter side of the iPad.

» 5 Unusual Ways to Use Apple’s iPad [VIDEOS]
» 10 Terrific iPhone and iPad Musical Performances [VIDEOS]
» 5 Awesome Apple iPad Mods [VIDEOS]


iPad Miscellany

Finally, here are some off-beat iPad resources that range from wallpapers to The Wall Street Journal.

» Is the iPad Really the Savior of the Newspaper Industry?
» 10 Awesome Apple-Inspired iPad Wallpapers [PICS]
» iPad By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]
» 10 Beautiful and Usable iPhone and iPad Interfaces