Matt Pike: Computer Genius, Artist

by Staff SOURCE Nowness
Photo Credit: Matt Pyke

The metamorphic short is a glimpse into the mind of digital artist Matt Pyke, who this week headlines Super-Computer-Romantics, the first major exhibition at Paris’s newly opened La Gaîté Lyrique.

Curated by gallery director Jérôme Delormas and former Jalouse correspondent Charlotte Léouzon, the show presents an extensive collection of Pyke’s collaborative video work, with immersive projections encompassing the entire 26,246-square-foot space: cartoon-like monsters tower on ten-feet-tall screens, airplanes crisscross the ceiling, and chiseled dancers disintegrate (in the extended version of today's film) across a 69-feet-wide wall before transforming into bubbles.  “I’m interested in bringing life and empathy into digital art rather than keeping its cold, abstract, machine sensibility,” Pyke says. The English mastermind is behind design studio Universal Everything, a collective of designers, programmers, musicians and artists known for its boundary-pushing commissions for clients including Chanel, MTV and London's 2012 Olympics. As part of Super-Computer-Romantics, a full-sized cinema will screen a mini-retrospective of Pyke’s commercial and artistic endeavors to date.