Numeric: 686 And Scion Snowboarding Concept Car Interview

by Jonathan Sawyer SOURCE Hypebeast / Vimeo
Photo Credit: Courtesy Scion

Meshing the world of action sports with the automobile industry, 686 in conjunction with Scion has revealed the first-ever vehicle, the “Numeric,” dedicated solely to snowboarding.

Each feature and part on the car highlights an aspect of the winter-time sport through extreme customization. The custom ride is based on Scion’s xB model, as the exterior features handmade waterproof materialization, mimicking that which you would find on your mountain outer-wear. Snow-specific tires, carbon fiber roofing, which mirrors a rider’s helmet, and a windshield design rivaling Dragons’ frame-less goggles are just a few of the other crafty innovations which can be noticed. The “Numeric” is truly a one-of-a-kind automobile that will begin its showcase within the action sports industry at SIA in January 0f 2012.