Chic Lunch Boxes That Won’t Make You Feel Like A Kid

by Lisa Eppich SOURCE Refinery 29
Photo Credit: Grasshopper Organic Cotton Lunch Bag, $18, available at Grasshopper 510.

Packing your own lunch is often a more healthful and cost-effective way to get your nosh on, but toting it to work in an old shopping bag or nylon pack makes us feel like a 5th grader playing dress-up.

If you've been carrying a brown paper bag or a (shudder) insulated, nylon lunch bag, we've rounded up some seriously stylish lunch boxes that you'll be proud to pack. Just keep them away from your co-workers, who might just want to see (or steal!) what kind of luxe lunch you brought! 

Artifact Bags Waxed Canvas Lunch Tote, $65, available at Artifact Bags.

Plastica Bento Box Round, $34, available at Plastica.

Rachel Comey Plaid Lunch Bag, $290, available at Opening Ceremony.

Girls Can Tell Brooklyn Bridge Lunch Bag, $16, available at Girls Can Tell.


Marie Turnor Picnic Clutch, $175, available at Marie Turner.