I Love To Ride My Bicycle: 8 Great City Bikes

by Staff SOURCE Re-Nest

I've been wanting a bike for quite some time, and while I'm most likely to pick up a vintage refurbished one at some point, a little bicycle eye candy never hurt anyone.

See a few of our favorite city bike makers below. Shown from left to right:

1. Civia Loring Bikes, $875-$1395
2. Bowery Lane Bicycles, $695
3. Vanilla Commuter Bicycles, custom built. Deposits start at $1,500.
4. Gary Fisher Bikes, Simple City Model (as shown), $599-$969
5. Dutch Bike Co. Seattle, Linus Mixte model (as shown), $565, Gazelle model (as shown), $1,349
6. Pashley Bikes, UK £ 475-615
7. Schindelhauer Bikes, Ludwig model (as shown), 1.495,-€
8. Note Design Studio and Abici, estimated around $1,000