I Scream, You Scream We All Scream For The Nike Sportswear Truck

by Matt Ho SOURCE Trendhunter / YouTube
Photo Credit: freshmag

You know how you used to chase after ice cream trucks as a kid? If you’re into sports, then the Nike Sportswear Ice Cream Trucks will bring you back to your childhood—with athletic apparel, that is.

That’s right, instead of chasing after the Nike Sportswear Ice Cream Trucks for delectable vanilla twists, you’ll be going after items from the company. Whether it’s basketballs, shirts or shoes, this freighter will have what you want. The freighter will be making a trip around the Big Apple serving its citizens with a wide variety of products.

The Nike Sportswear Ice Cream Truck is part of the ‘Always On’ campaign. Not all the visiting locations have been revealed, but you can keep updated by following @nikesportswear on Twitter or Nikesportswear.com for more information.