It’s Okay To Be A Poser

by GennaroFerra SOURCE YouTube

Looking for an alternative solution to your new-year workout? Somewhere between the powerlifting and the downward dog. We have come across Powerpose®.

Powerpose® was developed by Gennaro Ferra. Gennaro is one of the world's most symmetrical and defined natural physique stars. He has been in the business of transforming better bodies for over twenty years, and is known as the trainer to the trainers having educated and coached many successful fitness professionals. He is a former NABBA Mr. Australia and Mr. Universe finalist and trains executives, high-profile celebrities and all those who want to live a physical, healthier life.

"Power Pose is awesome because it feels sort of like yoga for nonyuppies. Lots of balance and stretching are required as you gracefully segue from one sweet flexing maneuver to another—though your legs might start to shake from the exertion of twisting your torso and your focus might waiver from wishing your arms looked bigger in the mirror. In addition the fact that it targets nearly every part of your body, Power Pose just seems a more efficient way to engage your muscles than straight weight lifting." 

Photo credit: Sondra Ferra