Mud Runs: The New “It” Race

by Tracey SOURCE Fit Milwaukee
Photo Credit: Steven Shepard

Races go through trends just like fashion, design, food, and well, just about anything else. There are certain events that will catch on and suddenly it seems like everyone is hosting one and everyone you know wants to participate.

For a while it looked like half marathons were the “hot” race of the moment. Although halfs remain very popular, there’s a different breed of race that (although they’ve been around for a while) looks to be picking up momentum as far as popularity goes.

What’s the draw of a Mud Run? Well, it’s a new challenge! Road races are great but they can get old after a while. People are looking for different ways to challenge themselves and events like the Warrior DashDirty Girl,or the Big Sur Mud Run are providing the chance to do just that. When you show up at the starting line at a races like these you have to be prepared to tackle obstacles like scaling walls, jumping through tires and yes, crawling through mud. Just looking at pictures from any of these events and you can tell right off the bat that you’re going to get more than “just a little bit dirty.”

Photo: Dirty Girl Mud Run

There’s something exciting about finishing a race and being able to physically see just how tough it was. Being covered in mud, soaking wet or even scraped up a bit can be seen a badge of honor. It also can be kind of freeing to not worry about how filthy you’re going to get. Although mud runs project an air of toughness there’s also a carefree element surrounding them as well. When’s the last time you got filthy dirty and didn’t care what anybody else thought about it? When’s the last time you did that with a group of your best friends? Tackling a race like this with a bunch of besties can be a great bonding experience. And you’re bound to have a great story to share with others after you cross the finish line.