2011 Men Fall Fashion Trends

by Sachin Bhola SOURCE AskMen

Fashion isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling good when the collective male identity has taken some blows (think Schwarzenegger, the recession, Kim...) That's why for fall we decided to highlight male archetypes (the woodsman, the cowboy, the rock star) to help set things on the right course.


What do '70s rock icons, mods and Teddy Boys have in common? They were all rebellious during politically volatile times (sound familiar?) and were themes at the Gucci, Hyden Yoo and Prada shows. Leave the acts of violence to the London rioters, and, instead, channel the dress code of men from the past with shearling, boot-cut trousers, saddle shoes, Slim Jim ties, and a copy of Icons Of Men's Style.


When was the last time you chopped wood? Hiked? Went an hour without your smartphone? Designers proposed the great outdoors as a way of manning up. Gant by Michael Bastian, Perry Ellis and Nicholas K showed corduroy, hunting boots, puffer vests, and country-style coats, which are perfect for faking woodsman status. Bonus if you pick up a copy of Into the Wild.


No one will question your masculinity if you can herd animals on horseback. The cowboy is, in one word, badass. The drugstore cowboy, though, not so much, but we'll forgive Salvatore Ferragamo, Siki Im, John Varvatos, and Dsquared2. Rustic coats, Navajo prints, Western boots, and handkerchiefs are all fair game, but a few riding lessons will give you a little more cred.