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by Lonny Magazine SOURCE Apartment Therapy
Photo Credit: FLAIR Home Collection

This month’s Lonny Magazine has a very helpful article chock full of advice from George Nunno and Jon Maroto, owners of FLAIR. They give tips and suggestions on how to achieve that polished, put together look for your vignettes.

Lonny Mag Vignettes.jpg

In the article, Nunno of FLAIR says: “It’s important that accessories feel cultivated and that you have a connection with them. Try unexpected combinations; break rules by mixing periods, colors, and finishes; and keep spaces fresh by changing things often. Remember, varieties in scale and texture create energy in a space.” They share a few lovely before and afters and explain what wasn’t working about the space and what they did to improve it. Here are couple of their tips that I found the most helpful:

- Don’t have limitations. Always mix it up! Don’t be afraid to mix eras, styles, or colors. Brass looks great with chrome; modern looks great against classical.

- Your home is not a stage set. Is should always evolve and change with you. Don’t be afraid to move things around, try new combinations, add new pieces, and put some old favorite away for a while. They’ll look new to you when you take them back out.

It left me inspired and ready to shop around my home to create some fresh, new looks. Check out the article for the rest of their helpful advice.