Alberta Cross: Rise from The Shadows

by Staff SOURCE Podfeed / YouTube

New York-based band Alberta Cross rocked the Hudson Hotel to promote their new album which will be released in August and to introduce their interesting partnership with Ketel One Vodka.

For a band made up of Swedish singer/songwriter Petter Ericson Stakee and English band members, Alberta Cross lean less towards Brit-pop and more towards their own unique European take on roots American rock.

With a much heavier sound than on their first EP, but still soaked with the same warm 70′s retro vibes reminiscent of bands like Band of Horses, and maybe even early Kings of Leon, Alberta Cross jammed out to a mix of songs new and old. Plenty of bent guitar riffs, distorted power chords, haunting melodies and Stakee’s piercing vocals conjuring Neil Young at times. While, not yet reaching the status of Americana outfit My Morning Jacket, this is a band that throws a great party and the free Ketel One Vodka certainly helped to amp the crowd.

Both the band and Ketel One are launching an online video campaign on May 14th which will be a 3-4 minute music video in conjunction with a TV spot and 2 other music videos which will be available on YouTube/FB.