Back In Black

by Timothy Schroeder SOURCE Standard Luxe
Photo Credit: Inquire

As the cold weather creeps into the city, people begin to get a little darker, in their dress, as well as their demeanor.

I'll be the first one to admit that I love a white wall, but when thinking about the snow and (really) brisk weather on its merry way to Chicago, I have a desire to retreat to my apartment, pull the shades and lay on the couch. All day. A lot people think that black will absolutely not work in a home, but it really is the opposite. A black wall does wonders for relaxing, as well as looking pretty fancy and chic. The darkest shade will make the room feel cohesively calm, with a little bit of edge. If you're going to for a high impact Black, try lacquering the color to add a bit of shine; it will look super modern, in an old school way. If you are donning the black look, wall art can be a tricky. The coloring of the art or wall decoration must mesh well and not be too much of a contrast. Anyway, Fall is here, so get ready!