Band To Watch: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (no typos…)

by Music For Ants SOURCE Music For Ants

If you name your band after one of the most famous and beloved NASCAR drivers of all time (Jr.), your music’s either gotta suck or appeal to the common denominator of middle America, right?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., the Detroit dream pop / folk band with the ridiculous name, are one of the most promising new bands out there. They released the wonderful Horse Power EP last year and yesterday they let wild the lead off track from their debut LP, It’s A Corporate World. The song is “Morning Thought” and although I’ve had the track a couple hours, I can pretty confidently say that song is really exceptional. The song showcases the band’s ability to write an immensely catchy hook and the twinkling synths, infectious beat, and ethereal harmonies all come together to make this an outstanding pop song. Stream below via soundcloud.

Morning Thought by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.