Catch As Catch Cannes

by Staff SOURCE Nowness
Photo Credit: Jerry Schatzberg | Official Cannes 2011 Poster

Catching Up with Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze and Kanye West on the Côte d'Azur at the Cannes Film Festival.

Skipping from morning cappuccinos with short film jury president Michel Gondry to a late-night performance on the beach by Kanye West, today’s diary of Cannes by directors Carlo Lavagna and Roberto de Paolis culls highlights from 10 sun-drenched days of cinema and revelry. “We've been to Cannes many times, but this was a vintage year,” says Lavagna. “The best films, the most fun and the most chaotic—we barely slept.” Amid the Hollywood frenzy at the most prestigious film festival in the world, Lavagna and De Paolis managed to trail Spike Jonze up the mast of a sailboat prior to the premiere of his new animated short Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die Next To You) and discuss the secret of happiness with Jamie Foxx. We asked Lavagna and De Paolis to detail their own superlatives.

Most Memorable Red Carpet Look
A tie. Supermodel Bar Refaeli, in a Roberto Cavalli dress—it was shiny blue; it was very tight. And Uma Thurman on opening night, in a white Versace feathered gown, at the premiere of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.

Most Unexpected Win
The Artist by Michel Hazanavicius: a black and white silent film set in 1920s Hollywood starring Jean Dujardin, who won best actor. It's even better than the original silent movies.

Most Extravagant Party
On the mega-yacht of Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen: the 414-foot Octopus is the second biggest private boat on earth. There’s actually a basketball court on the boat: we played, drunk and confused, at 4am. Sean Penn, Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio were there and the after-party was at DiCaprio's best friend's house in rue Louis Georges 14. Obviously we didn't get into that one.

Drink of the Festival
Ruinart Rosé champagne, 24 hours a day, as if it was water.

Most Memorable Music Event
Kanye West’s private concert on Hotel Carlton's beach. At some point Jamie Foxx stepped on stage and the crowd was blown away. Adrien Brody, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rosario Dawson were all there rocking out.

Most Action-Packed Late-Night Spot
Le Petit Majestic (on rue Tony Allard), a decadent little bar on a corner around the back of the Majestic Hotel, where all the people who can’t get into the official parties, and hundreds of journalists, would gather on the pavement outside and drink beer until the early hours.

Most Buzzed About Up-and-Comers
Dennis Hopper’s son Henry Hopper, who plays a melancholy teenager in the new film by Gus Van Sant, Restless. And the one and only Mia Wasikowska, who plays opposite. 

Most Coveted Reservation
Tetou, an 80-year-old family restaurant on Avenue Freres Roustan, right on the beach between Cannes and Antibes. I don't know how we got a table. Brad and Angelina were sitting next to us.