Dance Like Nobody’s Watching (On YouTube, Across New York)

by Alia Khan SOURCE Portable TV / Vimeo

It started randomly, as collaborations often do for young people with high-speed connections, limited budgets and big ideas. Jacob Krupnick went on Craigslist to recruit 50 dancers (“all skills, all ages, all bodies”) to come to a makeshift studio in the Meatpacking District one hot night in July. Payment was in pizza slices.

The viral sensation that is Girl Walk // All Day is only a sneak peek at the album-length music video being made by Jacob Krupnick. Set to the 71 minutes of the new album ‘All Day’ from renowned mashup genius Girl Talk, it features improvisational dancer Anne Marsen as well as Dai Omiya and John Doyle. Krupnick used to seek funds to complete this project and within two months has exceeded his $4,800 goal and pulled in an astonishing $21,158 in financial backing. It’s an impressive look at what the internet can do for a young group of creatives with a vision, and we look forward to seeing it in its complete form later this year. If you’re as impressed and inspired by Marsen’s moves, we suggest you read the New York Times’ article on the video for some more in-depth information.