Die Vögel: Dance First, Think Later

by JA SOURCE Pampa Records

Almost two years after their sensational debut release‚ Blaue Moschee, the arena rocking EP that’s still a permanent fixture in many dance record bags, Die Vögel have laid another milestone in the history of club music - the Fratzengulasch EP.

Ground breaking, surreal and captivatingly timeless, this dance music doesn’t give a damn about the laws of gravity and the monotony of everyday routines.

For some reason or another, there seems to be a sort of restricting fence around the electronic dance music scene at the moment. In true Trojan style, Die Vögel batter and ram the wall until a hole appears; a hole big enough for all the gleely squealing party people to crawl through. Out and on to freedom! It’s a brave new world and help is at hand for the weary of ear. Listen in to the dream-like canons, freely dissonant brass orchestrations and hypnotic-psychedelic beats.