Direct From NYC: Hainey And Cundiff Looking Swell

by Timothy Schroeder SOURCE Standard Luxe
Photo Credit: courtesy of The Selby

Michael Hainey and Brooke Cundiff may be one of the "it" couples in New York. Mr. Hainey is a writer and editor for GQ Magazine, while Miss Cundiff is the Director of Merchandise for Park & Bond (one of the coolest/newest stores/blogs online).

The couple live together in this tastefully obscure apartment in Manhattan, with stacks of books everywhere, and artwork filling the walls, this apartment is easily identified as home to some pretty chic people. They have quite the knack for mixing old with new, and luxe with vintage. One of my favorite things is the antique velvet-upholstered chair with a piece of Vuitton luggage stored underneath it, sitting next to a pair of worn Bean boots. The whole look of the apartment seems unforced, and just really what's best for the couple. Another cork of the apartment which would make any girl swoon is the black and gold antique cabinet in the couple's bedroom, that would most likely be used for storing china, but is actually put to good use by being the home of Miss Cundiff's shoe collection, pretty glamourous AND practical.