Elvis Jesus Swaddled In Tees

by Staff SOURCE EJ / Vimeo
Photo Credit: Ramirez

Rising from the ashes of a waning industry as the diamond in the rough of couture fashion. Elvis Jesus have given sweet release to a sub culture of dedicated fans since their glittering launch in 1997.

Embracing a rock n roll philosophy born out of the counter culture musings of the likes of Kinky Friedman and Hunter S. Thomson, Elvis Jesus epitomizes the anti capitalist dystopian rock and roll rumblings that have subverted the establishment as far back as the people could think, write, chant and sing their passions.

Somewhere between the gutter and the stars lies Elvis Jesus, juxtaposing heroes with anti heroes, rock with religion, fashion with politics. Using inky black humor, renegade design and painstaking hand applied couture detailing, EJ portray a twisted tale of sex and drugs and sweet salvation.

Like the kid at the back of the class they mess with meaning and toy with The Man like cats with mice, making us want to join their gang, ride with them, sing with them and pray for them.