Every Rosebud Has Its Thorn

by Staff SOURCE Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good

I’ll admit I was a bit bummed when I heard that indie-pop couple Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp (aka The Rosebuds) were calling their relationship off while continuing to make music together.

The Rosebuds always struck a perfect balance between melancholy and jubilation on their best tracks (see: “Hold Hands and Fight”, “Cemetery Lawns”) and it would seem a divorce may throw that balance off. “Woods”, the newest released song off The Rosebud’s fifth album Loud Planes Fly Low, shows a band still capable of making immensely catchy and upbeat pop songs while still being rife with tension and doubt. Ivan gives a breathtaking lead vocal performance over a rush of hook-filled keys, guitar and charging drums, resulting in one of the band’s most powerful and cathartic tracks yet.