Glorious: “Mad Bastards” Trailer

by Pedestrian TV SOURCE Pedestrian TV

Australia is an ancient, primal land. Those who survive at its outer limits are harsh, compelling characters. This is their story.

TJ is a hard-edged Aboriginal man who's sick of scraping out an existence in the city. He travels to the tiny frontier town of Five Rivers in search of his son. Upon his arrival, TJ is confronted by the equally tough local cop Texas... and so begins a story about hard men battling to do the right thing by their family.

The movie is steeped in the distinctive music of the Pigram Brothers in collaboration with multi-ARIA Award winner Alex Lloyd. Their lilting ukulele and mandolin melodies weave like a dream through the central story.

REAL PEOPLE with no acting experience play the lead roles. This brings a tremendous intimacy and freshness to the movie. Developed in close collaboration over many years with director Brendan Fletcher, the actors play characters based on their own lives and was a featured selection at Sundance Film Festival 2011. The stories are etched on their faces.

Mad Bastards. Powerful. Moving. Bold.