It’s A Different Times… Page One: Inside The New York Times (Film)

by Jordan DeSaulnier SOURCE I Am Rogue

Hey superhero fans, have you ever been watching a Superman or Spider-Man movie and wondered what's going on in the bustling newsrooms of the Dailies Planet or Bugle? Well, there's a documentary on the way that will prove enlightening.

Andrew Rossi's Page One: Inside the New York Times was filmed with unprecedented access to the newsroom of one of the finest publications in the world.  The result, it is safe to say, looks far more interesting than the bellowing of J. Jonah Jameson or Perry White.  Check out the trailer for Page One.

The film follows various journalists and editors at The New York Times over the course of one year, and gives a look at the tumult that's ensued due to tectonic shifts in media, with actual, boots-on-the-ground journalism becoming an increasingly rare commodity.  Not only that, but it also shows the insane pressures and logistics involved in creating a daily newspaper.