It’s Faded Love: Imogene + Willie

by Ryan E. Plett SOURCE You Have Broken The Internet

If you didn't hear about Imogene + Willie from an in-the-know friend, you'd probably never find it. Advertising is virtually nonexistent. The location — at the corner of 12th and Sweetbriar, next to Portland Brew in Nashville, Tennessee — has no signage on the outside and appears, at a glance, to be an abandoned gas station.

And if you didn't know about raw denim, it might sound just as weird. The malls and boutiques, after all, are stuffed with jeans distressed for your convenience. Imogene + Willie does offer a small selection of hand-washed jeans, but it's raw denim they're best known for. When they had been in business barely a year, national and international magazines were already clamoring to the cutting table. Take a look inside and experience the store HERE.

This is an amazing photography project and a tremendous brand development project... what a great idea to feature their own customers and brand advocates... Kudos I + W and Joshua Black Wilkins!

Photo Credit: Joshua Black Wilkins