Kaskade Of House Music

by Ministry Of Sound SOURCE Ministry Of Sound / YouTube

Kaskade is definitely one who is known for producing great house music hits, through his own work and collaborations with Deadmau5 he has produced hits such as “I Remember” and “Move for Me” which blew up the charts.

The broad appeal that Kaskade has been able to tap into has not gone unnoticed by the music industry. The accolades and recognition are numerous and include a nomination for "The Borders Award for Best New Artist" in 2004 to being voted number 20 in the "2004 America's Favorite DJ Poll" conducted by BPM Magazine - and listed again in 2008, 2009.

The San Francisco based magazine, SOMA, summarizes it well: "Kaskade has taken over the scene as one of the West Coast's most sought after DJs." All this appreciation is not to say that he takes his profession too seriously. "I'm just a guy who loves to make music, and I'm having a really, really good time doing so. I'm not it in for the ‘scene.' I don't wear shiny sequin shirts and I don't usually hang out in clubs unless I'm going for a specific reason."

With his relaxed West Coast demeanor (it's not uncommon for him to show up to a club in flip flops - an acquired trait for the Chicago native), and his affable personality, Kaskade is an anomaly to the stereotypes often associated with the DJ persona. Individuality is apparent in Kaskade's personality, and so is the music he produces. Bring the Night hits this standard on the mark and reinforces Kaskade's stronghold in dance music.

'This Is How It Goes' Kaskade's Grand Club Edit is one of his latest releases and a cry for a Summer anthem.