Keifer Sutherland Makes A Confession

by The Awesome Village SOURCE The Awesome Village / HULU

As someone who was hooked on 24 since day one, I have to say finding quality content to fill the void left by Jack Bauer has been pretty difficult until The Confession.

Those looking for a quick 24 fix need look no further than the internet now.  Even more inventive, over the course of nine days in New York, Kiefer Sutherland filmed a short web series entitled The Confession. The next take on intrigue.

With the first three parts of this series hitting the web March 28 on, viewers are finally able to check out Kiefer and John Hurt in a very well produced narrative.

In the series, Sutherland plays a violent assassin who ventures into a church with the goal of having a frank conversation with a Priest about his life choices and occupation in general.  I have to say, if the 24 feature film turns out as good as the first three parts of this series, we’re in for a real treat.

So, take a look at The Confession below, but be warned, this series is definitely not safe for work as it contains some pretty graphic scenes of violence and language.