Lookin For A Way To Get Back Home To Bob Schneider

by GM / JACKarcher SOURCE BobSchneiderVEVO

So this may be a little self-indulgent today...

But with SXSW right around the corner, we had a little flashback and a 'hankering' for the sounds of Austin boy Bob Schneider. He can write some wicked and looped out lyrics. His tunes go great with an ice cold bucket of Shiner Bock and a nice Texas night at The Shady Grove. Just gonna be one of those days.

For the Uninitiated

In Austin, i.e., the Live-Music Capital of America, Schneider is the high priest of live music: For the better part of two decades, he's packed nightclubs as often as four times a week. His solo work stretches from quirky ballads to bawdy bar-rock anthems, while his side projects range from an alternative bluegrass ensemble to an R-rated funk band.

Photo credit: David Clinch