Mae Day, Mae Day Something’s Burning Up In Here

by JA SOURCE JA / YouTube

Here’s an incredibly hoy project called Cherish The Day by Mae Day, Mick Boogie, and producer Dewitt Moore, formerly of The SickNotes. They put their spin on records from soul songstress Sade to create classics of their own. Mae Day is INCREDIBLY DOPE.

Mae Day's Latest - Hold On (Cherish the Day: The Mae/Sade Experience)

Powered by mp3skull.comHip-Hop/Soul based artist Mae Day is issuing a distress call, for people to recognize that Michigan is alive and well…and still producing talent. Born in Detroit, MI, with an upbringing that spans both north and south of the infamous 8 mile road, Mae is persistent at representing her hometown and fellow artists by bringing a real, hard-core, yet soulful sound that is desperately lacking in the majority of today’s music. She embodies all that is a writer and true artist. Her musical content is about familiar experiences that everyone can relate to whether you’re partying in the club, going through relationship issues, or struggling just trying to figure out how you’re going to make ends meet. Her music is reflective and takes you to places that everyone has been, at some point or another.

Music truly is her artwork and she takes it seriously, studying music artists that she respects from all genres…which spans anywhere from Common and Jay-Z, Sade and Stevie Wonder to even the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and beyond. “I like all different genres…and I take a mixture of different things, from different artists to create my own style,” says Mae.