Make A Run To The Liquor Store

by Timothy Schroeder SOURCE Standard Luxe

From their first catalog in 1983, J. Crew has always been innovative while giving their customer a classic American style that caters to most.


In recent years, J. Crew has expanded at a rate of wonder, opening up an enormous amount of stores all around the world. But New York City is where J. Crew focuses their attention for their sartorial-minded customer, opening a series of specialty boutiques, including the J. Crew Liquor Store which is a super luxe men’s shop for the quintessential J. Crew male customer. The king-of-cool, Andy Spade of Partners & Spade was picked to consult on the space, which was an actual liquor store and bar, but since converted into a chic men’s store with a comfortable feel that mimics J. Crew’s classic clothes. The store is covered in dark paneled walls, and filled with lush leather chairs, a model ship adds a bit of interest to slender space along with a miniature airplane built from beer cans. The oriental rugs in the den are topped with bookshelves stacked with manly classics including Hemingway and Kerouac. All of the items in the store are displayed in a way that makes them feel like they're decoration of the space, and my favorite thing in the store is the Globe-Trotter luggage that is scattered around the store being used as displays, and also available to purchase. Andy Spade did a magnificent job styling the space, and J. Crew does a magnificent job filling the space with things to buy, including Thomas Mason appear. Also Alden wingtips, Doria hats are displayed upon the original bar, and jewel-tone ties are stuffed into lowball glasses staying true to the original liquor store.

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