Manchester Orchestra’s ‘Simple Math’ Adds Up

by Madeleine Rebbechi SOURCE Portable TV / Vimeo
Photo Credit: Sony Music Entertainment

They’ve been lying low for the last few months, but now Atlanta’s Manchester Orchestra are back with a new album, new single, and a wonderfully haunting video.

Simple Math, to be released on May 10, shows a real change in Manchester Orchestra's sound since they first hit the scene with I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child in 2006, and a maturity far beyond that of 2009′s Mean Everything To Nothing.

The band have been working on the new album since November last year, and have crafted something that frontman Andy Hull says is “honest to the point of embarrassing”.

An emotional exploration of heartbreak and loss, the title track Simple Math is a beautiful piece of writing, riddled with a sadness that’s present even without the accompaniment of the video. With delicately layered melodies, an emotional crescendo and heart-wrenching lyrics, this track is an enticing taste of the third album from Manchester Orchestra.

Directed by legendary duo Daniels, the video for Simple Math is an incredibly moving and confronting piece of work. And combined with the song…well, we can’t promise it won’t make you tear up a little.