Marc Jacobs: Shameless or Shrewd SS 2011

by Elizabeth Marr SOURCE Fashionlvr / Vimeo

Three models having fun, countless Marc Jacobs bags, shoes and clothes, a beautiful hotel and Seventies vibe, what more could you need, right? Well, apparently a lot of product placements.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 collection was captured on film in video lookbook of sorts by Kalvin Lazarte of Play Nice. 

Of course since the filming takes place at the James Hotel in New York, a clear shot of the hotel logo is acceptable and even somewhat expected. However, nine additional and quite obvious product placements bring us to a total of ten product placements in a three minutes time span. This Marc Jacobs lookbook pretty much paid for itself in the first few seconds with a nice, clear shot of an American Express card. Then came Apple, Dior, Taittinger, Fujifilm, Polaroid, Condé Nast, LG and various books.

The music in the video, by the way, is Ring Ring by Sleigh Bells who hopefully were paid very well.