Middle Class Rut’s New Low Makes Us High

by Myriah Christine SOURCE The Silver Tongue Online

Bored? Indifferent? Stuck in a rut? This album is the adrenaline jolt you need. Middle Class Rut presents their full length debut, No Name No Color, released Oct 8th. Despite the anonymous title, this stream of revitalizing tunes will not soon be forgotten.

Skillfully alternating heavy and melodic vibes, Middle Class Rut is both energizing and intoxicating.  The first track, “Busy Bein’ Born” is a perfect example, opening with a slow deliberate guitar, nearly reflecting the rhythm of respiration. Once the sleepy eyes fully focus, it’s time for the jamming “USA” with its contagious explosive energy.  “New Low” is just as catchy but slightly more contemplative and ferocious with its cruising beats and high pitched guitar whines behind the admission, “I’ve been up but mostly down.”

Overall, Middle Class Rut resists sounding too retro though.  They take elements of hard rock (“Lifelong Dayshift”), post grunge (“Are You On Your Way”), and a hint of punk (“Alive or Dead”) to form their own current turn of the century sound that should be widely appealing to anyone finding wanting to flip off the autopilot switch and tune in to the present moment.

“Your future’s calling you…” says Middle Class Rut’s  No Name No Color.  Listen to the call.