Mumford’s The Word

by Charley Rogulewski SOURCE Spinner / YouTube
Photo Credit: Mumford & Sons

No one has shot to a coveted Coachella main stage evening slot faster than Mumford & Sons.

In 2010, with 30 years in the music business under their belt, nu-meal outfit Faith No More finally made it to the Saturday (April 16) 8PM Coachella main stage slot. In 2009, Thievery Corporation, with six albums out at the time and a career that launched in 1995, got to play the hour. Mumford and Sons, on the other hand, banded together in 2007 and only have one studio album, Sigh No More, to their name. And if they couldn't get even more badass, the album garnered a Grammy nomination.

"This is amazing!" frontman Marcus Mumford told the Coachella 2011 audience. "This is by far the biggest gig we've ever done as a band." But more importantly than bypassing daytime Coachella timeslots with their immediate monumental success, the four British folk musicians have brought bluegrass music to the forefront of a music industry saturated with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga hits.

Now, how so many people in so little time have fallen in love with Mumford and Sons and their roots music might have a little to do with love itself. Everyone has struggled with a broken heart and Mumford and Sons' songs usually start with one. But each broken heart gets pieced back together with the volcanic eruptions of their assumingly nonthreatening instruments -- stand up bass, banjo, acoustic guitars. Peace.