R.E.M. Collapse Into Another Release Of Melancholy

by Pretty Much Amazing SOURCE Pretty Much Amazing

With the release pattern of R.E.M.’s latest studio album Collapse Into Now (Uberlin is the fifth track we’ve heard) – we might just hear them all before they drop the album for sale. But from what we have heard so far, it sounds like something we will like. And yes, we did say R.E.M. And you are correct when you calculate that this is their 15th studio record. For your listening pleasure.

REM collapse into now - warner

It seems we might hear the entire new R.E.M. album before it even comes out. The aforementioned, 15th studio full length from the rock moguls, Collapse Into Now, includes music from Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, eccentric pop artist Peaches, and classic singer/songwriter Patti Smith. The first official single in North America, the 90s sounding pop number, “Mine Smell Like Honey” came out last week, but the band has another lead single in mind for their fans in Europe. “Uberlin” is a simplistic and downtempo acoustic ballad that finds Michael Stipe sounding more passionate and hot-blooded than he does on the other glimpses of the record. Producer Jacknife Lee stated it has “a melancholy only R.E.M. can articulate.”

REM - Uberlin by rotolo3

Collapse Into Now is out March 8th via Warner.