Shut Up And Drive

by Black Cab Sessions SOURCE blackcabsessions

Driver Drive Faster are quickly hijacking the legendary Manchester, England music scene. The four-piece have only been together 2 years but they’ve grabbed the attention of 6music’s Mark Riley and Radio 2s Mark Radcliffe both influential British music icons.

The band’s roots were in Devonians Dylan Giles and Yuri Caul’s early experimental duo The Conversation - both men played guitar and indulged in on-stage squalls of feedback. Songs were long, slow and largely instrumental and the band cited influences including krautrock pioneers CAN and Neu!

That all changed with the arrival of drummer Tim Warren, who breezily dismissed The Conversation’s early drones as ‘heroin music’ and helped Giles unlock his inner pop songwriter. They are quickly rising in the charts in the UK and making their way across the pond with tour dates coming soon.

Photo credit: Drive Drive faster