Small And Stylish

by Timothy Schroeder SOURCE Standard Luxe
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

If you're living in a compact space, you needn't sacrifice style for space. Many small spaces, as I am quickly learning, can be aesthetically pleasing, and visually spacious with the right furniture, design layout, and decor.

This Manhattan studio is like a finely tailored suit, the materials used are dark and bold, but have a certain softness that makes the space comfortable. The one room apartment is seperated by a marble buffet, making the kitchen a sectioned off part of the studio, but not hogging any of the natural light coming in through a window in the kitchen, one of many in the apartment. The neutral color palette used throughout the space is offset by small bursts of color, like the red corner, or in scattered pieces of art around the house. Also the art plays a major role in the room, making it feel bigger than it actually is; the oversized portraits, and long and horizontal pieces extend the room's width and height, while giving the inhabitant something pretty to look at. One of my favorite rooms in the apartment is the luxe bathroom. The Carrera-coated room is a testament that space does not have to limit the amount of luxury one can have in a small space, while providing a strong and durable surface. In true city-dweller fashion, small space can always mean big style.