Some Dudes Who Sing That We Like

by Kate George SOURCE Portable TV / Vimeo

New York-based group Francis And The Lights fronted by eccentric singer Francis Farewell Starlite. The band has gotten raves from unlikely fans like Kanye West and Drake and is currently touring with pals (and Wesleyan schoolmates) MGMT.

Since The Top we’ve been waiting, rather impatiently, for another stirring dance rendition from Francis And The Lights frontman Frances Farewell Starlite. Our huffy, toe tapping, hand-on-hips anxiety has finally been relieved with the release of the decidedly more mature Darling, It’s Alright, that sees Francis at his finest. Aside from his impressive moves, the dexterous dancer pulls off 80s style vocals, vertiginous hair and trench coats with the ease of a true musical dreamboat, embodying endless cool without a scrap of cringe or pretension in sight.

Photo credit: Jade Dempsey