Stereo Crowd Moving Up And Away

by JA SOURCE Stereo Crowd
Photo Credit: Stereo Crowd

Here' s Stereo Crowd second single "Up and Away". It's a chill song combining the physical connection of hip-hop, and the emotional connection of rock, with the sonic sensibilities of Soul and R&B.

The band is crafting the new sound of urban alternative music. It's a sound for the sophisticated, cultured, educated and open-minded urban-ite. This track is about investing in yourself. Doing whatever it takes to keep improving as a person. It also speaks to the distractions of being the best person you can be. The vibe is that of a celebration for the effort, instead of a harsh critique of one's self. Bold horns provided by Freddy Fuego, vocals by Kristen White and a funky bass line keep the track fun and light with Stereo Crowd.