Those Who Live In Glass Houses Listen For Stone Darling

by Tiffany Roohani SOURCE Buzz Bands

Stone Darling have indeed become quite the darlings in L.A., thanks to their whispery, soul-laden harmonies. They’re the latest group of ladies to make reverb-drenched tunes to soundtrack California’s sunny days.

However, Stone Darling (Liv Mrasico, Lindsay Dawn, Mikki Itzigsohn and Paige Stark) take the simple yet sparkling Spector formula and spin pop with folk undertones for a sound that charmingly beckons one into delightful submission. There’s also a bit of mystery instilled in their vocal arrangements even if their songs are rather unabashedly romantic or full of rock ‘n’ roll gumption. Follow them first.

"All I Wanna Do", Stone Darling