Totally Smokin’ Robot

by This Band Is Sick SOURCE This Band Is Sick

Here’s a video to a group you probably haven’t heard yet, Smokey Robotic. When asked where he came from, Smokey only smiles and points up.

Journalists often ask him to describe his music, to compare it to other artists. Smokey always giggles and says whatever amuses him on that day. It’s a group with a real solid electronic sound from an entire band, and a singer that reminds us of Jamiroquai. It’s a real unique sound, that at first has one caught off guard, but by the end of the track we were hooked, they call it ‘Superfuture’. Check out these guys, and this very interesting video, and enjoy!

Smokey Robotic – Outside the Lines (Uptown) | Download

Check Out more Smokey Robotic through Official Website Here


Photo credit: Smokey Robotic