Walk Tall And Carry A Warstic

by Pete Freedman SOURCE Central Track
Photo Credit: Hance Taplin

In his younger years, Dallas, Texas native and Warstic Bat Co. Founder, Ben Jenkins - really was an honest-to-goodness baseball ballplayer.

Warstic Coach New York ( Full ) from Bryce Wymer on Vimeo.

He played four years of Division I college baseball as a middle infielder at Oklahoma University and Mississippi State University -- and well enough to earn himself a cup of tea playing Minor League ball within the Philadelphia Phillies' minor league system. Now, at 38 years of age, he doesn't like to brag too much about those days."Ex-Minor Leaguers and ex-college players like me are a dime a dozen," he says with a humble shrug, recounting the number of former teammates he had who also never made it to The Show. So, OK, as far as his baseball playing credentials go, no, maybe Jenkins' story isn't all that unique. But the way his love affair with the game has played out? Well, that is a pretty novel tale. That's because, years after giving up on his adolescent dreams of playing professionally, Jenkins' love for the game remained; the athletically built, scruffy looking father of three sheepishly admits that he still plays ball an average of three times a week in recreational leagues around the region. But he's also finally found a way to make the game work out for him.

Since Opening Day of 2011, Jenkins has helmed what could arguably be seen as the hottest new commodity in the oft-dated world of the national pastime. That's when, under the name of his Warstic Bat Co. brand, Jenkins -- who, since leaving the game, had made a name for himself with his prominent, Texas-based brand design firm OneFastBuffalo -- rolled out a product that combined of his two greatest non-family-related passions, design and the old ballgame: He started producing and selling wooden baseball bats. Not just any bats, either. Ones that looked every bit as good as they hit -- a product that could, and indeed turned out to be, as desirable a purchase as a work of art as it is a functioning tool of the sport.