Yves Saint Laurent’s Shirtless Sneaker Models

by Kenny Chy SOURCE Portable TV / YouTube
Photo Credit: Courtesy Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent have released a new video which showcases their spring/summer 2011 sneaker collection on the feet of attractive and shirtless male models in slow-motion (who we’re also pretty sure aren’t wearing underwear). What better way to sell sneakers!?

Directed by Karim Sadli, this black and white video puts YSL’s new sneaker collection of high tops and chukkas to the test as the models run, hop, jump, twist and wrestle to a wicked fast-paced tribal sound which juxtaposes well against the slow movements of the subjects. The collection features a mix of colourways—light blue, muted beige and solid black—which are all suitable for the inevitable fun summer will bring.

The featured sneakers are now available from all YSL stocklists.