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Coastwest Unrest Give You All The FU’s

by Gil Melott
Coastwest Unrest has announced that they will be releasing a new album titled Black Desert Sweet Mojave on July 28th. Along with the announcement, the band has also released the records lead single, called “All The Fuck You’s” which you can listen to below.

We wanted to find out more about this band of sibling brothers - Coastwest Unrest. Here’s what they had to say to our quick round of questions. We think these dudes are worth hanging out with.

Since sometimes "fuck you is just necessary" as Noah says - is there anything that Noah and Josh have cut out of their life or music and said "hell no, that's no longer necessary" since they have started their lives?
The most obvious answer would probably be people/relationships.  The song itself is a conversation--one person telling another person how fucked up they are(not in a judgmental way) and the damage they're doing with their words and actions and all of their self-centered, opportunistic behaviors that are poisoning the relationship/scene/culture/you name it.....

How do two siblings collaborate to get to universal messages you might aim for?
Without killing each other (laugh)....we don't set out to make any sort of universal music or anything like that....we've been playing music together since we were little kids....and we love it....we just show up--and do the work.

What do you want people to say when they listen to your music?
Haven't thought about that.

What is one thing that the guys do every day - regardless?
Give thanks.

Top 5 songs or musicians both Noah and Josh are listening to now.
Hmmmmm....going to have to refer you to the Nick Hornby novel High Fidelity on this one.....you'll find your answer there--and if you don't at least you'll have read a fine book.

Where did the name Coastwest Unrest come from?
Good question-- I wanted to incorporate a sense of locale and/or region into the name--we grew up in the west, write songs about the west, we still live in the west...As Joyce said "If I can get to the heart of Dublin I can get to the heart of all the cities of the world"....so maybe we're just trying to get to the heart of Las Vegas and/or the west in general.  So, we just made up our own little word with Coastwest which represents us coming out of western/southwestern U.S....as for Unrest--it seemed to fit because growing up out here it has always felt(to me) that there's this restless, almost aggressive energy floating around...being a child living in southern California during the LA riots might have something to do with that; and spending most of my adulthood in Las Vegas which is one of the most transient, violent and crime riddled cities might have something to with that as well.  I think growing up we definitely felt this(although it seems to be getting better).....but at the end of the day--it's just a name.

Boots or sneakers?
Definitely depends on the occasion.  Generally speaking:  Josh=sneakers. Noah=Boots

Favorite piece of clothing you guys covet.
Nothing comes to mind.

What is the marker for success?
Ooooh we don't know.....we're just living day to day; happy to be living!

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