The Benefits Fallacy

Other brands LOVE to talk about water repellence, wrinkle resistance, moisture absorption, and tons of other fancy benefits that, quite frankly, easy to claim. Here's the truth: you can easily add these benefits to ANY product by adding the proper mix of chemicals. You read that right, to add water repellence, you literally dip the pants in formaldehyde and put them out to dry. 

Sure, you've got water repellence, but at what expense?

Are these chemicals safe? No.

Do they wash away? Yes.

So what's the point? Money.

It costs $0.05 to add these treatments to any product. We thought to ourselves: there has be a better way.

We scoured the earth for the most amazing fiber technologies and encountered Rebound™ fibers in Japan. The molecules of this fiber form a flexible spring-like helix that makes the fiber soft, light, stretchy, and shape-stable. It's the perfect mix of benefits for any pair of pants. But it just so happens that this molecular structure, when woven in a Twill pattern, also adds water repellence, wrinkle resistance, amazing breathability (which helps with moisture absorption and quick dry benefits), and many more benefits.

All without the use of chemicals. It's a win win.

So before you get all excited about these awesome benefits the other brands are claiming, think to yourself: how did they make this happen? Most importantly: is it at my expense, or theirs?

Food for thought.


@Jorge that’s right. The pants are put through a special ‘rest’ period after knitting called Batch Relax. Essentially, instead of having the fabric go straight to cutting, we extend it out in huge warehouses and let it sit there for a few days. This gives the fibers a chance to settle down and set into themselves. This process is costly in that it requires tons of manual work, time, and warehouse space. However, the benefits are there for everyone to enjoy. True and lasting wrinkle-resistance without the use of chemicals is here :)

Jack Archer April 19, 2021

Hey guys. Wondering about the wrinkle free claim. Does that mean I can pull them out of the suitcase and they’ll be ready to go?

Jorge S. April 19, 2021

Well said guys. I’m supporting this project

Gustavo April 18, 2021

@Leo yes indeed. They’re naturally wrinkle-free, and that’s what makes this fabric special. We managed to pull it off without adding chemical treatments. Those wash away and lose effectiveness after the first wash. They even have a ‘life-span’. We think that’s ridiculous

Jack Archer April 18, 2021

I really really don’t like ironing clothes. So much that I use the steam fresh option on the dryer all the time. It’s kind of annoying. Will these stay wrinkle free?

Leo M. April 18, 2021

That’s exactly what I’ve been telling everyone for AGES. First, wash your clothes before you wear them. Second, all those little bells and whistles are all crap, especially the anti wrinkle features. BR, I’m looking at you. Insane how this is even allowed in the U.S. I know Europe is a bit more strict

Alejandro F. April 17, 2021

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