Why Product Costs Matter

Other brands don't tell you this, but pants were designed for men that just stand there, and certainly not for any man we know of. Pants tend to bag out, stain, and fade away. Some don't even make it past lunch. As apparel developers with an obsessive fascination with cozy stuff, we got tired of flip-flopping between pants every day. Trousers should work for you by fostering a comfortable environment for you cheeks, legs, and crotch.

We feel other brands are getting away with murder. We dove deep into product costing and we found a few concerning patterns:

  1. Fast fashion brands sell at about 80% margin. Meaning, if a pair of pants from your favorite European retailer cost you $40, it cost them $8 to make. 
  2. Premium brands sell at a 90% margin, meaning, if a pair of pants cost you $200, it cost them $20 to make.

Premium brands are certainly a step up in product quality, but are you willing to pay 10 times the cost of something for a brand name? The numbers speak for themselves... Fast fashion makes up 80% of retail apparel sales, and premium brands have low customer return rates.

We believe you deserve more value for your money, so we're investing our time and money on automations that keep our top-line costs low while stepping up the quality of our product components, starting with the fabric and all the way up to the final button.

Simply put: our product costs are high, so you're getting much more bang for your buck. Even better, the earlier you get them, the more affordable they'll be. That's our way of saying thanks for being an early adopter.

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Hey guys. Good to see you back at it with these pants. They look great! I’m usually a 32/32, I just hope I don’t lose too much weight by the time they’re delivered.

In any case, consider me a loyal backer

Mr. Theta April 19, 2021

I stopped buying H&M, Zara and all that crap long ago. One wash and they’re done. I’ve yet to find a good brand I like though. We’ll see how these hold up

George M. April 17, 2021

Interesting perspective. Glad to be on board with the project! Much nicer than Kickstarter for sure

Edward Monsseur April 17, 2021

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