Denominations: USD 50.00
Color: Black

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Fits consistently well.

Too tight, too loose, and sometimes both?
You've tolerated inconsistency for too long.

• Not too short, not too long.
• Molds around thighs & calves.
• Avoids the need for alterations!

Prevents saggy butts.

Do other pants warp & lose their shape?
Your butt shouldn't be the victim here.

• Nicely contours the mid-section.
• Stretches and recovers its shape.
• Keeps your butt snug dall day!

Keeps crotches cozy.

Do tight mid-sections have you adjusting
too often? We have lazy brands to blame.

• Never feels tight or restrictive.
• Adapts to different body builds.
• Fits with your true waist size!

Looks new for longer.

Do other pants lose their luster too quickly?
Almost sounds like it's intentional! (It is)

• Always keeps its original shape.
• Stays soft and smooth for years.
• Won't shrink like other pants!

Amplifies your wardrobe.

Hate packing multiple pairs for a weekend?
Now you only need one spot in the carry-on.

• Won't swamp, stain, or wrinkle.
• Works for all types of occassions.
• Pack one for the entire weekend!