The pants helping men banish saggy butts.

Great things happen when your butt looks good. Love at first sight, butt slaps, inside jokes. Make sure your cheeks get the attention they need to make those connections… and feel confident doing it.

Keeps your
butt snug.
Makes you

“After testing these pants against cotton chinos for a month, I feel confident that Jack Archer has superior fabrics for fighting sagging and tight areas. Just reordered to make it official!”

Saggy butts are not a
good look for anyone.

Want great-looking cheeks, but don't have the time to work out? The secret to getting the booty every girl wants is not found in the weight room. The secret is in wearing pants that enhance how your butt looks. That's why we designed the Jetsetter Pants to give you a rounder, fuller look without ever warping, sagging, or losing its shape like other brands.

Instantly upgrades your butt.

There’s a fine line between signs of aging and wrinkled buttocks (see what I did there). The Jetsetter Pants are packed with stretchy fibers that keep their shape, allowing for slick moves without the dreadful bagginess that follows. Matched with a butt-molding curved waist, you'll be using them every day to keep your cheeks looking young and perky.


“These pants work well. I have tried a bunch of other brands all claiming to fit well but none feel or look like these do.”

Never bags out OR settles into any weird shapes.

Baggy pants just aren't as brag-worthy as they were in the 90's. In fact, they can make you look old and lazy. That’s not the look you're going for. But when you wear the Jetsetter Pants you can banish baggy-looking butts so you always arrive looking slick on your next adventure.


“These pants are a refreshing part of my morning routine. They slip on nice and smooth and definitely minimized any tightness I used to feel with my other pairs. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to add some confidence to their morning ritual.”

Lazy about dressing up? This solves that too.

It’s a fact. Nobody wants to spend a bunch of time dressing up every morning. With the Jetsetter Pants, you don’t need to mess around with different fits and styles to match with your favorite tops or shoes. Just order your usual size, give yourself a quick pat in the butt… and you’re done!


“I’m 45... was skeptical... it took a few hours to see results and now after 3 weeks I see myself wearing them every day... would recommend to anyone that found inconsistency in other brands of pants.”

Dreamy fits
for years to come.

Our customers used to shop through tons of confusing fits and styles with other brands. That's why we designed Jetsetter Pants with microfiber material that stretches AND also recovers its shape. With a perfect fit that won't lose its shape, you won't have to second-guess your purchases anymore.

Shopping for pants
shouldn't feel uncertain.

Tech Pants
NO Sagging
NO Ball Crush


NO Tight Areas
NO Wrinkles

Stops working


$98 $196

Wear for life


Replace often


Replace often

Too many of the good things in life depend on your pants, so don't take any chances with tired, saggy looks that could make you feel self-conscious. Jetsetter Pants are your ticket to youthful, better looking cheeks that'll get heads turning your way.


Nice butts. Hassle-free.


Mix & match colors.

These pants match well with most shirts and shoes for ultimate versatility.


Order your usual size.

95% of customers got their perfect size. The other 5% got free exchanges.

Made with new-age Rebound™ Microfiber fabric, these pants will make sure you always arrive looking slick and feeling smooth.


Shopping that thinks ahead.


Free Shipping

Orders over $150 ship on the house.


Instant Exchanges

Get a new size shipped instantly.


Frequently asked questions.

Made of PTT, a type of polyester fiber, Rebound™ fabric provides a soft and stretchy texture with gentle cushioning and vivid colors. Its helical molecular structure has a natural resistance to water, coffee, wine, and dirt. It also makes them more comfortable to wear and use. Best of all, they're easy to stretch out so you'll feel confident making riskier moves without any blowouts. Once you pop out of your squat, they'll recover to their original shape without bagging out. Amazing.

One of our not-so-secret secrets is our curved waist design that wraps around the mid-section. It accentuates your natural curves while the fabric keeps it snug and wrinkle-free. Here's more for those interested:

• Premium grade Air Stitch™ nylon thread to prevent chaffing.
• Curved waist design for a molded mid-section.
• Diamond-shaped anti-ball-crushing gusset.
• Two deep front pockets.
• Hidden zippered pocket inside front right pocket.
• Smaller open pocket inside front left pocket.
• Two anti-theft zippered rear pockets.
• Reflective tape inside both leg openings for safe commuting.
• Slim-tapered design that won't feel tight or look loose on thighs or calves.

When your pants don't fit you properly, you'll feel like they restrict your movement because they're too tight in certain places or too loose in others. This is a recipe for disaster when you're running around town doing errands. That's why we designed the Jetsetter Tech pants with special microfiber stretch material that molds to your body so they fit perfectly without any restrictive pressure points, no matter your body type.

Pants that are too tight around the thighs can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. This causes major problems when shopping for slim fit pants because they don't adapt to your body type properly. That's why we designed the Jetsetter Tech pants with special microfiber stretch material that molds to your body so they fit perfectly, no matter what types of thighs you're lugging around. You'll never feel restricted or uncomfortable again!

Some guys have bigger calves, while others carry their weight in their thighs. This causes major problems when shopping for slim fit pants because they don't adapt to your body type properly. That's why most brands need to carry tons of different and confusing styles, because if you're a little bit bigger around the middle, you'll need to go up a size which means more fabric around your waist and legs. This creates baggy areas and tight points where there shouldn't be any pressure at all! That's why we created the Jetsetter Tech Pants with a special microfiber stretch material that molds perfectly around your legs, all without riding up or creating any uncomfortable pressure points. Finding the right size is now easy and hassle-free!

We've got you covered. You can either exchange them for another size or return them for a full refund. You have a full 30 days to decide. Return shipping is on the house. Even better, we can ship your exchanges before you even return your other items to the post office!

You know what sucks? Crushing your junk in your pants. A nice pair of jeans is a great way to look casual, but it's hard to stay comfortable when you've got an tight bulge waiting to burst open. That's why we designed the Men's Jetsetter Tech Pants with a gusseted crotch that opens up the front and gives room for all the important stuff. No more ball crushing, no more adjusting yourself in public places, and no more poking at your crotch every five minutes because you can't stand how tight they are around your package.

I'm guess you're tired of your butt looking flat and saggy after sitting for a few hours? Other brands won't tell you this, but pants were designed to look good for only a few hours. We don't like wasting our money either, so we designed pants with a unique fabric that molds to your midsection and keeps its shape without stretching out or sagging over time. They'll stay snug at first wear so they mold perfectly to you body; then they relax into their natural fit while still staying true to their original size (no sagging). They're perfect for work because you don't need any special fillers - just put them on with whatever shirt/top you want, zip up and go!

Today! We believe you shouldn't have to deal with stock-outs and shipping delays this holiday season, so we created the Price Protection™ Guarantee. We're offering you early bird pricing so you can shop early without the hassle of crowds and confusing offers. Best of all, you get guaranteed best pricing, so if the price ever drops 6 months from now, we'll refund the difference, no questions asked!

We all know how slow returns can be. But not anymore. When you place an exchange request, you can get your new size or color shipped instantly, on the spot, all without having to go to the post office first. We trust that you'll return them, so there's no more waiting for returns to be processed before you get your new size.

Why you deserve better pants.

At Jack Archer, we know you’re the kind of guy that wants to dress well. But to pull it off, you need apparel that fits consistently. The problem is other brands have you wearing pants that look baggy and fit tight in the wrong places. They can make you look tired and lazy, and this isn't a good look for anyone. We believe pants should elevate your game, so we designed pants with magical fabrics that keep their shape, mold around your body, and make finding the right size easy. Add Jetsetter Pants to your wardrobe so you can finally stop overthinking your pants and start looking slick and feeling comfortable with yourself again.