Jack's Favorite Things

Jack's Favorite Things

Discover a unique selection of curated finds from Jack Archer's favorite brands.

Man wearing navy sweater and gray pants, sitting in a relaxed position on a white chair.
Two green King Kong brand bags: a backpack and a duffel bag, displayed on a wooden surface.


KNKG has redefined the gym bag, making them tough, functional, and ready for anything. With KNKG, you're not just packing a bag, you're packing for greatness.

Two men in casual clothing standing by the seaside.

Jack Archer

At Jack Archer, we believe clothes should elevate your everyday game, so we designed them with magical fabrics that keep their shape, mold around your body, and make finding the right size easy.

Folded pair of dark gray trousers with a partial view of the waistband.
Jetsetter Pants


Jetsetter Shorts


Close-up of a person's hands wearing rings and a chain bracelet.

Degs & Sal

Degs & Sal channels the legendary American free spirit into each piece of handcrafted jewelry. Made from 100% recycled sterling silver in Italy, their designs blend authenticity and sustainability with high-quality materials.

Two drones flying over a scenic mountain landscape with winding dirt paths.

EXO Drones

Get more than just a drone—get a complete flying experience with EXO. From easy video instructions and instant tech support, they’ve got you covered every step of the way. Get ready to take your drone from the box to the sky, no experience required.

Green bomber jacket paired with a white shirt, shown with sunglasses and an alarm clock on a wooden surface.

Creed Wear

Whether you're braving harsh climates or just kicking back, Creed Wear’s high-quality, durable gear has got you covered. Expect comfort, resilience, and a perfect fit every time.