Preorders are based on a reservation system that saves you a spot on the next manufacturing round. You and thousands of others help fund larger orders to keep costs and waste down to a minimum. You become an early adopter and get premium apparel at prices no one else will ever see. Once the project is funded, manufacturing is finished, and your product is ready, we notify you with a tracking number and we ship it to you at which point you can try it on and exchange or return it.

Why not Kickstarter? Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, ordering with us carries the full benefits of online shopping with a delivery guarantee and free returns and exchanges. It's a risk-free process for you.

Preorders are billed upon placing your order and shipped once your items are ready. You can make changes to your order and request cancellation for a full refund at any time.

Early birds are exclusive, time-based offers that reward the earliest backers with steep discounts. If you see these available, you probably won't see them available for longer.

All or nothing means the project will proceed to manufacturing only if it meets the funding goal. This number is calculated based on manufacturing minimums needed to make this a viable project. Although unlikely, unfunded projects will be refunded in full.