Introducing Jetsetter Shorts

Designed to go wherever summer
takes you— with a new look, and the
Jetsetter feel you know and love.

No Sagging

Just a flattering, comfort-

molded fit.

No Tightness

Dynamic stretch fabric is snug,

but never tight.

Made for the long haul

Sagging, shrinking, tightness in the wrong places. The truth is, other brands’ shorts are designed to be replaced. That’s why we engineered Jetsetter Shorts with innovative fabric and an always-consistent fit—for a flattering, go-anywhere pair that’ll stand the test of time.

Rebound™ Microfiber with dynamic stretch

• Maintains a streamlined fit 
• No need for alterations 
• Finding the right size is easy


Flattering curved-waist design

• Wraps your midsection
• Lifts your butt
• Stays snug and never sag


Prevents ball crush.

• Expanded gusset in the crotch
• No tightness or bulging
• No awkward adjusting


Wrinkle-resistant fabric

• Skip the ironing and steaming 
• No need to pack multiple pairs
• Stay polished and ready for anything


Fits thighs of all sizes

• Molds to your shape
• Slim fitting, but never too tight
• Moves with your body


Shorts shopping you can feel good about

Jetsetter Shorts
Leading Tech Shorts
Cotton Shorts
NO Sagging
NO Ball Crush


NO Shrinking
NO Wrinkles

Stops working

Your Investment

Wear for life


Replace often


Replace often

Flattering fit, reliable design


Mix & match

Endlessly versatile, Jetsetters pair well with most shirts and shoes. 


True-fit sizing

95% of customers found their usual size fit perfectly. The other 5% got free exchanges.

Best part is, getting your hands on reliable fits is easy and won't break the bank.


Man sitting casually on a white chair against a white background with text offering VIP offers and new releases.

Shopping that thinks ahead.


Free Shipping

All orders $50+ ship on the house.

Returns are always free.


Instant Exchanges

Love the way you look, or your money back No more waiting for returns.

Get a new size shipped instantly.


Frequently asked questions.

Made of PTT, a type of polyester fiber, Rebound™ fabric provides a soft and stretchy texture with gentle cushioning and vivid colors. Its helical molecular structure has a natural resistance to water, coffee, wine, and dirt. It also makes them more comfortable to wear and use. Best of all, they're easy to stretch out so you'll feel confident making riskier moves without any blowouts. Once you pop out of your squat, they'll recover to their original shape without bagging out. Amazing.

One of our not-so-secret secrets is our curved waist design that wraps around the mid-section. It accentuates your natural curves while the fabric keeps it snug and wrinkle-free. Here's more for those interested:

• Premium grade Air Stitch™ nylon thread to prevent chaffing.

• Curved waist design for a molded mid-section.

• Diamond-shaped anti-ball-crushing gusset.

• Two deep front pockets.

• Hidden zippered pocket inside front right pocket.

• Smaller open pocket inside front left pocket.

• Two anti-theft zippered rear pockets.

• Slim-tapered design that won't feel tight or look loose on thighs.

When your shorts don't fit you properly, you'll feel like they restrict your movement because they're too tight in certain places or too loose in others. This is a recipe for disaster when you're running around town doing errands. That's why we designed the Jetsetter Tech shorts with special microfiber stretch material that molds to your body so they fit perfectly without any restrictive pressure points, no matter your body type.

Shorts that are too tight around the thighs can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. This causes major problems when shopping for slim fit shorts because they don't adapt to your body type properly. That's why we designed the Jetsetter Tech shorts with special microfiber stretch material that molds to your body so they fit perfectly, no matter what types of thighs you're lugging around. You'll never feel restricted or uncomfortable again!

You know what sucks? Crushing your junk in your shorts. A nice pair of jeans is a great way to look casual, but it's hard to stay comfortable when you've got a tight bulge waiting to burst open. That's why we designed the Men's Jetsetter Tech Shorts with a gusseted crotch that opens up the front and gives room for all the important stuff. No more ball crushing, no more adjusting yourself in public places, and no more poking at your crotch every five minutes because you can't stand how tight they are around your package.

I guess you're tired of your butt looking flat and saggy after sitting for a few hours? Other brands won't tell you this, but shorts were designed to look good for only a few hours. We don't like wasting our money either, so we designed shorts with a unique fabric that molds to your midsection and keeps its shape without stretching out or sagging over time. They'll stay snug at first wear so they mold perfectly to your body; then they relax into their natural fit while still staying true to their original size (no sagging). They're perfect for any occasion because you don't need any special fillers - just put them on with whatever shirt/top you want, zip up and go!

We've got you covered. You can either exchange them for another size or return them for a full refund. You have a full 30 days to decide. Return shipping is on the house.