Men, it's time to get back into the office. Maybe your year in Zoom purgatory hasn't prepared you for anything outside of tees and sweatpants? You're due an intervention! But now that workplaces across America have started to reopen again (fingers crossed!), re-entry is inevitable, so why not prepare by checking out our top 4 essential styles every man should add to his wardrobe before he returns to work this fall.

Here's the thing, even if your office has the laid-back business casual vibe of a startup, sticking to a dress code, no matter how loose, is never easy. That's why we've assembled this essential list of back-to-office menswear pant pairings. So go on, build a rock-solid work wardrobe and transition back into the real world as smoothly as possible. Hell, you might even score a promotion if you mix these pieces up right. Increase your changes when you opt for the Jetsetter Tech Pants by Jack Archer; they won't sag, never shrink, and they'll keep you looking slick and feeling fresh.

Straight ahead, our top 4 fall pant pairings for the ultimate return-to-work wardrobe:

Space Black Pants & White Long Sleeves

These pants will not only stay put and never lose their form, but because of the fabric they’ll keep you as cool as a cucumber. They come in black so they can be matched with any color or pattern top, but we particularly like them with white long-sleeves and brown boots. Cuff them up and show off your qwirky style with pattern socks in any color. You'll be turning heads on your way to the copy machine.


Deep Blue Pants & Light Blue Sweaters

We came the realization that sometimes its not a pants thats binding us down–it’s our choice in color. In search of the perfect tone, his spiritual guide led him to San Francisco, where he met with an office oracle and learned that Deep Blue was the color of all colors. Amazed by this revelation, he combined shape-hugging fabric with strategically placed seams for a look-improving lift from front to back. Add a light blue sweater and casual sneakers to maintain that cool factor, no matter what time you arrive.


Charcoal Gray Pants & Pink Tees

Why go through the trouble of wearing your old raggedy clothes when you can have new ones that fit like a glove and stay that way? These butt-molding pants fight saggy looks & unreliable fits so you always arrive looking sleek and feeling smooth. Featured here in charcoal gray fabric, they match well with light pink t-shirts and casual white sneakers. They're sure to be one great outfit for casual office environments.


Platinum Pants & Pattern Blue Shirts

It's time to get back into the office, but this doesn't mean that you should just roll out of bed and go without making an impression. Instead why not make your return a little more special? Add a touch of color with these platinum gray pants and matching blue pattern long-sleeve shirt. Throw on some brown boots for good measure.


Remember, there's also that "real world" thing we're trying to get back into, and when it comes time for a transition from one setting (the business casual vibe) to a different environment (after work), many men find themselves stuck with their work attire- even if they feel like anything goes! Make your investment worthwhile with the right pair of pants.