For too long we've lived in the dark about what was really going on with our groins. It doesn't help that other brands force us into cotton rags that ride-up, pinch, chafe, and sag. They even feel tight in the wrong places! We believe guys deserve better, so we designed underwear with magical fabrics and a supportive pouch so you can finally enjoy the freedom that a comfortable crotch can bring to your life.

We love these modern marvels because they feel light and liberating. They give us ultimate comfort by gently cradling the boys, practically lifting them off the ground. We get quicker access at the john without having to untie knots or pry open elastics. The waistband hugs without chafing and the flat leg cuffs won't show over our pants. Best of all, there's no more poking or prodding at the boys. Because you know what really sucks? Touching yourself all the damn time. Stay dry and happy instead.

Features & Benefits

Made of a new MicroModal® fabric that feels smooth, stretches easily, and breathes well. Sewn with high-end fluffy stitching and body-molding panels that stays in place and hug your mid-section.

Zero-G Pouch

Gently cradles and keeps the boys in place.

Horizontal Fly

Top-level access for a quick draw with either hand.

Barely There Waistband

Doesn't roll or feel tight.

Micro-Modal Fabric

Feels smooth, light, and airy.

Fresh Knit

Layer up without heating up.

Fluffy Threads

Stay active without chafing or itching.

Rebound Stretch

Stretches easily without bagging out.

Flat Leg Seams

Won't show through clothes.


Prevents bacteria build-up.

Consistent Fits

Fits reliably well after years of wear.